Monday, August 31, 2015

Romantic Comedies Are Not Real Life!!!

I decided this weekend I wanted to watch movies and make use of my Netflix…I have been paying for Netflix for a really long time but I hardly ever use it.

Now, I already know I am a hopeless romantic and everything seems to make me think about Love & Marriage (sing in the tune of the Married with Children theme song) so seeing as how I am not there or even close I should probably not watch romantic comedies right?? WRONG I watched 3 this weekend LOL!

I watched Beyond the Lights, November Rules, & Four Seasons and they were all the same:

·         Girl/boy fall in love

·         Something happens they break up

·         And then they get back together and live happily ever after

Umm not my reality. Yet I keep watching these movies and then I’m like where is my happily ever after but no I get GAINGSTA’s!!

I decided if I insist on continuing to watch this stuff somebody needs to tell her (me) this is not reality and this is not how relationships or life in general really work.

Somebody help her because she watches this stuff and then gets all excited and think this is my future and then…NOTHING!

Until I can learn to live in reality I need to stop watching romantic comedies…I need to stop being scary because it seems horror movies should be my thing. At least until Mr. Right finds me.

But who am I kidding I will probably watch another one soon LOL!


Almost 40

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