Friday, August 7, 2015

Jill Has Me Looking For The One Who Makes Me Glow…

I am waiting patiently (not really) on my Mr. Right but now thanks to Jill my Mr. Right has to make me glow or he is not the one. Dang you Jill LOL!

I was watching her special on BET and she spoke about meeting someone & how it all unfolds or should. It was pretty awesome!

And yes this is pretty much verbatim because I watched it A LOT because I wanted to share it and get it right…it was just to good not to.

“When it comes to meeting someone allowing them to come into your life and build with you and make you just radiate energy everywhere you go. Part of it is cosmic, I really believe it…part of it is cosmic.

And then you have to reveal not every heartache, not every broken but who you are with no holds barred this is who I am and you listen to who they are and you say okay everybody has issues are these things I want to deal with or not and be honest about that.

And then the friendship it is massive, communication is massive. Got to be a homey! And then you still might not find the one that makes you glow.

But that’s what we are waiting for, waiting on the one that makes us glow.

It’s unfair to slight yourself on that.                 

We’re talking love, love, love, love, its real, it’s pretty, it’s fun, it’s cool, it’s sexy, it’s helpful, and it’s patient”

A friend once told me she wrote a list of what she wanted and prayed on that list and not to soon after she met the man who is now her husband.

This will be my list…it’s the love I want and deserve and although I have & probably will blog more about wanting to be married and have kids I will not slight myself. I’m waiting for it so when you see me walking around here glowing know I GOT IT!!


Almost 40

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