Monday, August 10, 2015

Just Thankful Today!

The last couple of weeks I have been having what is wrong with me moments…not woe is me or I’m sad but just trying to figure out why not me.

This is not a good place… I do live in my feelings but these are feelings I do not want or need to have because at the end of the day I will never know and really does it matter? When it’s for me it will be for me.

Anyhoo I went to see my parents this weekend and got to spend a lot of time just talking to them. Not about anything in particular but just chatting.

I got to catch up with my older nephew for a while. 

When I went up to my room I had a coca cola can with my name on it my brother had made for me…I have been wanting one because you know CaNesha was never going to be on one.

Before I left I swear my mother gave me enough food for a month or longer.

I say all of that to say this…I may not have what I want and who knows if/when I will get it but as I was driving back home I thought about just how blessed I am and how some people would love to have the weekend I had.

None of this was major but it was all things that let me know how loved I am and I really do have a lot.

Life is a roller coaster for me now on this journey to 40 literally but a weekend like I just had makes me appreciate what I do have.

Mr. Right may come one day but for now I still have a lot of love surrounding me so today I am just thankful!


Almost 40

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