Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thoughts From a Single Man and Me of Course…Part 3!

I feel it in my spirit that a date is coming…I mean I have an awesome dress (or dresses SMH), cute shoes, new hair coming this weekend so I’m ready LOL!

With that being said I needed some advice on what to do because it’s been a really, really LONG time since I’ve had a date. Cue the violin!

I need to know how I can be impressive on a first date.

Him: Conversation and not being all uptight. Someone that is very engaged & just not letting me carry the date.

Me: Hmmm I am a talker but as I said before I am super shy. This journey to 40 has to get me out of that ASAP geez.

So, when I'm nervous one of two things happen. Either I just don't say anything or I can't stop talking. Which I assume could be pretty bad. So, basically when I’m nervous I’m either quiet or I talk to much there is no in between.

I asked how do you expect the conversation to go on the first date.

Him: The typical getting to know one another, likes, dislikes, career goals, travel goals, life goals. What are you looking for in dating? Are you looking for a potential mate or just someone to hang out with & no commitment anytime soon?  

Me:  I think I can handle that…not to hard at all. Heck I can just point him to the blog. Well, maybe not he may freak out LOL!

Now not that I would ever be this…but I know I have some readers who are very confident and go after what they like so I asked if a woman being the aggressor is attractive or unattractive?

Him: Certainly attractive but know when I'm not interested and cease pursuing me

Me: This will probably never be me but I hope it was helpful to someone.

In case you were wondering there are no prospects but I just feel like it’s time and I am keeping hope alive. Pray for me…if we all touch and agree it just might happen!

There is still a bit more from the single guy which includes two questions I think every woman should know no matter what your age so stay tune for part 4!


Almost 40

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