Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Let’s Talk About Sex…Thoughts From A Single Dude And Me of Course Part 4!

SEX seems to be the most important thing in relationships…well especially in the beginning.

The truth is I’m super old fashion (I know shocker) so I feel like if I sleep with a guy to quick he will think I’m a slut or I guess the new word a THOT.

 I know myself and I fall in like so quickly so I am not about that casual sex life…no judgment it’s just not for me.

I don’t necessarily think you have to be married to have sex but I also think it should be somebody who I can see myself being with for longer than a day. Not a wham, bam, thank you sir!

I often feel this is one of the reasons I am single… I have had guys that disappeared as soon as I wouldn’t sleep with them so it leads me to believe I may be on to something.

Steve Harvey has made a killing off of his book and one of the things he constantly says is a woman should wait 90 days before she sleeps with a man.

I have heard some people say we are grown it doesn’t matter when you do it if a guy is interested he will still be after the fact.

I wanted to hear how a man feels about this so I asked how long is to long and is there a time limit?

Him: -I don’t necessarily think there is such a thing as too long or a wait time. It really depends on your reasoning for waiting to put out. If you wait 90 days to put out so you can get to know him, he can easily turn into a scumbag that 91st day and show his true colors. Me personally I don't care for time limits. We're both adults, let’s go with the flow. Giving it up the first night doesn't make you a heaux at all.    

Hmmm, he makes a valid point it takes time for someone’s true colors to come out so I get that.  

I think this is one of those things that just has to feel right FOR YOU.

I think FOR ME when determining when to sleep with a guy I think about how I would feel the next day if he doesn’t call.

You all would probably have a month full of woe is me blog post and I would eat all the cake and carbs I could find.

So, I think I should stick to really getting to know someone before we take it any further and I don’t have a time-frame I just think it’s a feeling. I just have to hope there is a guy out there who understands that.

Ask me again at 40…who knows LOL!


Almost 40

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