Thursday, April 13, 2017

1 MONTH, 4 WEEKS, 30 DAYS, 720 HOURS, 43200 MINUTES AND 25920000 SECONDS

The BIG day is almost here I can't believe it...seems like I've been talking about it forever! This journey to 40 is almost over and I have realized  that I have did the same thing I have done FOREVER.

I have been stressing for years about the fact that I'm not married, that I don't have kids, and that I don't have the perfect job and I realized I have did the same thing with turning 40. I have put so much emphasis on turning 40 and what my life is going to be like, and what I expect that I've lost the excitement of turning 40 and just enjoying the moment. This seems to be the story of my life. ARGH!

This is what I know for is going to happen, ish is bound to happen, and no matter where I am or what I have I am going to turn 40 so I just need to relax, relate, and release.

I love this saying...Life is like a disco, no matter how the music changes just keep dancing. So, that's my new plan ( I know how many can I have...but I'm human) to keep dancing and not stress. And when I say dance I mean get down with my rhythmless self LOL! If my day sucks I'm going to dance, if my day is great I'm going to dance, if I'm still super single at 41 I'm going to dance it will  probably be a sad dance but dang it I'm going to dance.

I just know that I have got to learn how to live my life day by day and not freak out about the what if's. Everyday is different and if I continue to put pressure on myself about all of my issues I'm never going to truly live. And at 40 LIVING is super important!


Almost 40 and putting on my dancing shoes!


  1. Yes!! Enjoy & live for right now because it is a blessing!

    1. That's so true...I'm definitely getting there.