Friday, August 14, 2015

Vegas Baby!! Can I Be That Girl Or Not…That Is The Question!

My vacation starts NOW…woo hoo! I am so ready I need a break…feeling burnt out and just need to chill out, have fun and not think about work, being single, babies, or prospects just a good ol trip with my girls.

The last time I went to Vegas I was in my 20’s it was my first real vacation without my parents…it was just me and a friend and we had a great time but I’m excited about going with this group because our trips are always a blast.

I have told you guys I am super shy and kind of lame but my plan this trip is to try and open up, not be so self-conscious and concerned about what people think about me and just have fun.

I mean I am almost 40 it’s time right LOL!

I want to be that girl who just goes for it, I really do

Elle Varner has a song “Not Tonight” and it is one of my favorite songs if you don’t know it google it, YouTube it right now it’s awesome and it describes me perfectly.

 I will not post the whole song but this is by far my favorite verse because it is what I think every time I see a guy I am interested in…literally every time. I know SMH!

“But maybe, maybe in another life
I could be the girl who walks up to the guy
And tells him, tells him how she feels inside
But, not tonight, no not tonight”

Well maybe one of these nights in Vegas I will be that girl and not care if he shoots me down…maybe!

At the end of the day I plan to have a great trip and make new memories with my crew and in the process get some courage…I’ll let you know how it turns out so keep reading! Or not I mean what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas Haaa!


Almost 40

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