Friday, August 21, 2015

What Happens At 40???

So, someone asked me what happens to the blog once I turn 40… what I heard…what happens if at 40 you are still single and childless then what?
See my face below:
I seriously have NO IDEA!


This is where this whole faith and let go, let God should come in right?

So, if that hasn’t worked then my 40th birthday party will be the biggest pity party ever in life. And the new title of the blog will be “40 And Over It” LOL!

This is my second mile stone birthday…the first was when I turned 30.

 I was super sad because if you remember my “plan” I should have been married with kids. So, I OVERCOMPENSATED to make myself feel better.

I went to grad school, bought a new car, and a house.

Did I feel better? For the moment but it was just a band aid it still didn’t take away the desires of my heart.

But you know that because if it did I wouldn’t have so much to say in this blog but for the moment it worked…I guess.

If I am not at peace with where my life is at 40 here comes a new car and a bigger house…no school I’m over that. I’m not that sad about 40 LOL!

So, I have 630 days to let go and let God or make sure my credit is on point.

Stick with me to see how this turns out!


Almost 40

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