Wednesday, August 26, 2015

To Online Date Or Not…

It seems online dating is becoming the norm and I know people have met their true loves online so I know it works.

I was/am very hesitant about it…in my head Michael Myers, Jason, or Jeffrey Dahmer is who I would meet. I know extreme but this blog is my thoughts and my truth LOL.

Even though I was hesitant I said well nothing else is working so I should at least give it a shot.

First I tried Tinder OMG it was bad, it is just for hook-ups and I am to old for that. I want to be courted.

I heard some good things about Plenty of Fish and I have a friend who found her true soul mate so I sucked it up and said let’s try it.

Ummm I kept wondering if these men were even reading my profile…I have never said or felt like I had to have a man who had a degree, made more money than me etc. but the men that were in boxing me WOW!

I literally had a dude that his profile pic was a picture of right? He DID NOT have on a shirt and GAINGSTA was tattooed across his chest. And before you say it, NO THIS IS NOT A TYPO that is how it was spelled WTH.

I’m like is this it…is this what is left for me? I have to date a GAINGSTA in real life. Picture me crying real tears.

I’m not knocking online dating but it just didn’t work for me…I was told to give it sometime but I don’t know if I can.

Do you think the one is out there online just waiting on me to log back in…hmmm.


Almost 40

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