Friday, July 31, 2015

God Never Drops The Ball…

Last weekend put me in a woe is me moment and a friend sent me a daily devotional…below is a small part of it but for me the most significant.

“If you’re 30 or older, don’t give up on the idea of marriage. I haven’t. You simply don’t know what God has for your future. It may not be the story you expected, but God never drops the ball. He’s never late, and he’s not capricious. Wait for your story to unfold, and do your part in crafting it”.

So, here is my dilemma I know this…I know God has plans for all of us and he works in His time so why am I worried.

They say you can’t pray and worry, you have to let one go and I can’t seem to.

I pray every night and even say God I am putting it in your hands and I love the phrase Let Go, and Let God. I’m sure I have hash tagged that all over social media yet I don’t do it.

My journey to 40 is all about growth and although there are many things I want by 40…what I need is stronger Faith.

Faith without work is dead right…so I have to put in the work to actually Let Go, and Let God. Pretty hard for me but I can do it…I think.

Life is all about choices and on this journey I am choosing to work on all parts of me but I think…no I know if I get this one down all the rest will fall into place.

So, I got this…Let Go, and Let God!

Maybe I’ll start tomorrow LOL!             


Almost 40

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