Friday, July 24, 2015

Sometimes You Just Need A Man…Or Do you?

I am all about being an independent woman…I get to hype when Webbie’s  song comes on:
“Independent do you know what that mean?
She got to her own house
She got her own car
Two jobs work hard you a bad broad”

I was/am a daddy’s girl (which means he didn't make me do much growing up) so doing things around the house which I consider “man” things are still a struggle for me although I have been on my own for years.

Exhibit A:

This thing tried to take me out the other morning.

So, I saw about 2-3 little flying bugs and I freaked out so I was like I have to bomb my house. Yes, 2-3 bugs and I was ready to blow the house up!

I have never used these things before but I read the box and I made a plan. The night before I set my chairs up, one upstairs and one downstairs and set the cans in the chairs with lots of paper towels according to the box.

The morning of I got my purse, lunch bag, & workout bag and sat them at the door because the box said I needed to get out of the house quick.

I start with the one upstairs and I can’t get the top off & then when I finally get the top off and press the button  spray goes everywhere…yeah didn’t know that’s how it came out.

Then I ran downstairs (picture me running…pretty funny) & struggled again to get the top off I finally got it. Mind you doing all of this while trying to hold my breath because according to the box I didn’t want to inhale.

Then I realize there is no way to get out of the house because I put the chair in the middle of the floor, close to the door so there was no way around the spray that was going everywhere. I know not smart at all!

So, still holding my breath I try to run under the spray and hope I don’t smell like bug spray. Grab my bags and I get out.

I felt queasy I just knew I was a goner LOL!

See, if I had a man this would not be a blog topic.

Truthfully speaking though...although I know to some people this is small but I felt a little empowered doing this for myself and not asking my dad to come up & do it for me.

This journey to 40 just might be pretty awesome man or no man!!


Almost 40


  1. Girl you are too funny. I can totally picture you doing all of this.