Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Have A Confession!!!

My name is CaNesha and I BUY FIRST DATE CLOTHES (head hung in shame)!!
Reasons why I buy date clothes...can't be caught in cargos LOL!
Reasons why I buy date clothes...can't be caught in cargos on a 1st date LOL!

Often times when I'm out shopping I will see a dress or skirt and I’m like this would be so cute for a date and I buy it…although I have no date or a prospect for a date.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Thankfully, most of my "date clothes" end up being work/church clothes with different shoes. I can't show everything on a first date so I buy according to that rule which is why it can be worn other places.

I need to stop but in my head when I get a date I would prefer not to rush out to the mall and try to find something because we all know when you are looking you can never find anything.

In addition to that men are visual so the first date outfit has to be on point, which means it needs to be planned…but I probably only need one not 10 LOL!

As I am realizing I may have problem I thought I should do some research about first date clothes.
I read an article that broke down how the style and color you wear determines the type of impression you will make:
  • Red-Sexy & Seductive
  • Black-Looking for Love
  • Artsy Style-Highly Intelligent
  • Too Dressy-Low Self Esteem
  • Conservative-Reliable
  • Unique-Interesting
  • Showing skin-Ovulating
So basically on my first date I need to wear black and show skin…I’m 38 no need for beating around the bush LOL!!

But do men really know what any of this means…stay tuned for a future blog to find out!
So, yes I am trying to do things differently since I'm knocking on 40's door but my dad always says “if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”.

So, yeah I will probably keep buying "date clothes".


Almost 40

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