Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'm not a Player I just Crush a lot!!

No Pun intended...get it! LOL ROTF!

It's Man Crush Monday (MCM) I thought I would let you all know more about me, have some fun and make this blog a little more interactive.

This is my first MCM but I'm single, I have many crushes…so I thought I would start sharing. Well, the ones that are unattainable. The others are a secret...for now!

Plus, Monday’s are the days we don't like to see, so why not look at some hotness. We can go back to figuring out this thing called life Wednesday!

Sometimes I think…am I to old to have a crush…heck no!

I’m single not dead!!

This week I will share with you my biggest crush (not a surprise to some). In my head if we ever meet (that is, if for some reason he gets a divorce, just saying) he will want to marry me. Had I moved to Atlanta instead of Nashville I am sure we would have gotten married.
Delusional? Maybe, but I love him!
He needs no introduction!
Since I am letting you all into my world I have a secret to tell you. I have an older crush and I was crushing on him when I was young. No clue why but he was so handsome to me and still is. When he married Nia Peeples I remember my heart sank. I was young give me a break. I think he’s single now so I have a chance. This blog could turn into something else…CaNesha & Howard sitting in a tree K I S S I N G. LOL
This is for the lover in you
This is for the lover in you

Ok, I have shared my Man Crushes with you all…now tell me yours. Leave them in the comments; share on my IG (DivaDoll_13) or on FB (CaNesha Gordon). I can’t wait to see/read your crushes.

 Almost 40

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