Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Positive Side Of Single Life!!

I do enjoy my company! LOL

There are worse things than being alone. But it often takes decades to realize this. And most often when you do, it’s to late. And there’s nothing worse than too late.
-Charles Bukowski

Happy Friday People!

This has been one of those weeks (TGIF) and I was in my feelings a little to much so I decided to kick the weekend off by sharing with you and myself some positive things about being single.

Here we go:

The toilet seat will never be up…no falling in when you wake up in the middle of the night and refuse to turn the lights on ( I know I’m not the only one).

Shaving your legs a lot less or not at all in the winter… don’t give me that look you know it’s a chore. But if no one lives with you who cares. If I have on pants no one will ever know!

Only one set of laundry to do…I wear a lot of clothes during the week so doing MY laundry is enough.

Keep your home at whatever temperature your heart desires…no one to complain it’s to hot, it’s to cold. It is just how YOU like it.

Cook whatever you want for dinner…this basically means I could just eat a bowl of cereal & that’s okay.

Last but not least…no checking in with anybody I can get up & go when I please.

These are just a few things that make me happy about being single…now would I change all of this for the RIGHT man… absolutely. But until then it’s just me, myself, & I...enjoying this life!

I would love for you all to add to my list, please leave what you enjoy about being single or enjoyed when you were single in the comments and I will post them all in a future blog.  Can't wait to read them!

I hope you all have a great weekend…I plan to!


Almost 40

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