Saturday, July 18, 2015

My first blog post FINALLY!!!

I have wanted to start a blog for years…one day several years back my brother and I were on the phone and I was on my soap box about something and I kept going & going. Long story short, we decided I needed to do a blog…probably so he wouldn’t have to listen to me anymore LOL!
Then fear came around & I never did it…what was I scared of?

 Will people read it?

 Will they like it?

 Will I get followers?

 Last but not least...does anyone care what I have to say?

It has always been in the back of my mind and then I started working like crazy. I did research that says you should do at least 3 blog post a week to stay relevant. Well, I hardly had 3 free hours so that was not going to work.

Truthfully there are several blogs somewhere out there on the World Wide Web with my name on it I never started.

So, here we are several years later & I’m like just do it…what do you have to lose…you are almost 40 (hence the title…get it) yes, I’m corny but that’s okay.

The next step... what am I going to talk about? I LOVE fashion blogs I follow many but hello, I get ideas from them so am I really a fashionista…probably not!

I thought what can I write about that I know all to well and have lots of opinions on. Then it hit me…You are almost 40 (very close), no husband, no boyfriend no kids, heck no dates…that’s it. Write what I know.

So, I think I’m ready…I think!

This blog for me I hope will be therapeutic…I want to talk about how it feels to be almost 40 and not where I thought I would be.

How it feels when people give me the sad face after they ask my age and then I answer no to all the common questions.

You know those questions...are you married? Do you have kids? Do you want to get married? I could go on but you get it.

I want to talk about if I knew why I wasn’t married don’t you think I would be. Why do people ask you that...I will save it for a future post but think about it...and if you have ever asked that question...really think about it!

And yes I would like kids but a husband on the side would be good too.

I also want to talk about that no my life isn’t sad because I’m single. I have a good life, great friends, and family. So, don’t feel sorry for me.

Honestly, sometime this blog will be about the fun I have and I’m okay being single.

Other times I will have woe is me moments because you know sometimes being single sucks. Ex. Car stops on the side of the road and your dad is 2 hours away…who will you call.

So, I hope you will take this journey with me the good, the bad, & the ugly and I hope that if I touch one person starting this blog will be worth it.

Be back soon…3 blog post a week remember,


Almost 40

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