Thursday, March 23, 2017

Get It Wrong Until You Get It Right!

No Clue!
As we are getting closer and closer to my 40th birthday…you know the one I have been building up for some time now I kind of feel like dang I suck. Have I accomplished any of the goals I set out? Not really except for being consistent with my blog kind of.
This body is not the one I planned to go into 40 with but looks like I am. I didn’t still plan on putting my hands up when I hear All the Single Ladies. I hoped to know more about the adoption process, saving money, agencies that will help etc. because 40 year old eggs are different than 20 year old eggs. And I sure as heck thought I would have a job that I  like.

I was scrolling through FB last week and I came across an interview with Goo Goo (Mary Mary’s sister) I don’t remember the whole interview now it was late and I'm almost 40 LOL! But I remember her saying you just keep getting it wrong until you get it right. And I had an Aha Oprah moment …that’s it I just have to keep trying and one day hopefully sooner than later I will get it right.
It sounds simple but for some reason in that moment I felt better. I haven’t given up, I’m still trying I’m just not there yet. My dad always tells me nothing beats a fail but a try. If I keep trying (I know I should try harder in some areas) one day I will get it right and be in the place I want to be in!

I have no clue what 40 and beyond is going to look like for me but I’m okay with continuing to try even if I get it wrong because one day God willing I will get it right.

Almost 40 and a professional at getting it wrong

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