Thursday, October 27, 2016


Let's do this people!!

I meant that title to be in all caps LOL! This is for me and all you other people out there who are worrying about everybody else…STOP IT!!
My dad always tells me if you spend 100% of your time worrying about yourself how much time do you have to worry about someone else…get it, got it, good!   

I am a worry wart that is who I am…always have been. But on this journey I am trying to stop. There is so much going on with me that I don’t or shouldn’t have time to worry about what other people are doing and I would say most of us don’t either so again I say WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF!!

Life is short and should be enjoyed (yep, really learning that too) so today I declare I am worrying about myself only.

Now that’s not to say I stop caring about my friends and family I want them to have the best life possible and by that I mean the life they want, not what I want for them. Because guess what I DO NOT want anybody trying to tell me how to run my life so I sure as heck shouldn’t try and tell someone else.

But what it does for me is to teach me how to work on my Faith. Truly praying for them and leaving it in God’s hands and letting it go from my thoughts… to do what…WORRY ABOUT MYSELF!
I’m not a huge fan of Steve Harvey but every now and then he says something and I am like Okay Steve!
I heard him say this the other day “Fear and Worry are the Greatest Robbers of Abundant Living.” Now he said something with that and for these 40’s and up I definitely want to live Abundantly so again I am only WORRYING ABOUT MYSELF!!
I truly hope that we all can work on this and just WORRY ABOUT OURSELVES…I truly believe the world will be a much better placeJ! Let’s do it people starting right now!!


  1. This is such an important topic! Everyone is so often in everyone else's business and often it's more detrimental than not. Personally, I find it annoying. But what's funny sometimes is when I say something like "I don't really care" or I'' not interested and they get all offended lol

    1. Exactly...I totally agree. People
      Should mind their own business I am sure they have enough lol than focusing on mine!!

  2. Indeed! What a great mindset to begin your fabulous 40's with ;-)

    1. Thanks...trying to go into it differently than my 30's!!