Tuesday, November 1, 2016

In Case You Were Wondering!!

I am about that count down life dawg!! LOL

We are now 192 days away from the BIG 4 0 and there are a couple of things I am pretty sure are not going to happen…I will not be married by 40 nor will I be pregnant or have a kid arghhh so I am working on letting that sink in and moving on to what can happen by the BIG 4 0!!! I know stranger things have happened but I like to live in reality LOL!
What I do know is that mannnn I have a lot of 1st World Problems and things that I cannot change only God can when he sees fit so what I need to do is focus on what I can change because the majority of the things I am stressing myself out about I can’t fix…only the man upstairs can.

So, what does that mean for me and the next 192 days??? Most importantly how am I going to bring in 40…it falls on a Saturday so I feel like that is a sign that I must celebrate in the biggest way possible…right??? I’m open to ideas so bring em on!
This weekend I am doing something a bit out of my comfort zone but I am super excited about it and it is going to help me on a path that I want to grow in…if you follow me on Social Media (FB or IG) get ready for an overload! I am so excited about this and what kind of growth it is going to have on one of my goals!
Yeah, so about losing weight for 40 LORD hav Mercy this is the hardest thing ever…I will start out strong, fall off, strong, fall off and repeat, repeat!! So, how can I fix this…one thing I considered is joining a gym where I have a monthly fee…I worked at the YMCA for almost 4 years so I have not paid for a gym membership in that long so I am thinking if I know I am wasting money I will use it so I will keep you posted. I so want to be Fab & 40 not Fat & 40 but dang it I LOVE food! SN: I will be Fab & 40 just might be a bit chunky J!
Another way I thought to be healthy is to cook more and start learning to prepare healthy dishes. I will be honest I am a SUPER BASIC cook that’s who I am LOL! And if you really know my mother this is pretty sad to even type J! I have also come to the realization that I can’t cook like her I don’t have the time or patience…it never tastes like my moms EVER and then I get mad and will not make it again. So, what I have decided is that I am going to find my own way to cook and see what works for me. I also decided that I will share some of this journey the good, the bad, and the ugly so be on the lookout for some funny food posts LOL!
And Last but not least I said I wanted to start making sure when I leave the house I look like something because there was a time when I didn’t care. But BABY I am back…out here trying to get chose LOL! And my makeup game is getting better every day and my friends said so, so I know it’s true because they are Brutally HONEST!!
At the end of the day the BIG 4 0 is coming regardless so a major goal is to make sure that I make it there with everything still intact and pretty healthy! Prayers up people!!
I appreciate everyone taking this journey with me and look forward to more as the countdown continues!
Almost 40 in 192 days!

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