Sunday, November 13, 2016

My First (and definitely not my last) Blogalicious Conference!

I had the best time!!
I am not even sure where to begin…my first Blogalicious conference far exceeded my expectations! I have been blogging I guess about a year and I was really going to the conference just to meet more bloggers. I thought how cool would it be to meet other bloggers, maybe make a friend or two. That is really all I expected and I figured anything else would be icing on the cake. What I received was a 10 layer wedding cake with icing and fondant LOL!
I went to the conference by myself and literally did not know a soul there…another one of the growth things as I transition to 40. In addition I had a roommate someone I never met. SN: She was awesome…super sweet…even brought me a gift. Who does that…you see the kind of people I met.
I am still trying to decompose all I learned (work and life has taking over)…hoping soon to go through all of my notes to get it all together so I can start my plan to get this blogging business off the ground. Yes, I said business…never in a million years did I think of my blog as a business I just knew I liked to write and thought it would be cool to share my experiences with other people hoping they get something out of it and I get something out of it. Blogalicious taught me that my blog is my business and I need to treat it as such.

Women get a bad rep of being catty etc. but here was about 300 people pretty much all women and every time I entered a room I just found a group and asked could I join them (remember I knew no one). Every single time I was welcomed with smiles and they all either started  a conversation with me or got me up to speed with their discussion so I could join in…Ah-mazing.

Every workshop I attended the presenters were amazing and was sharing information, tools, nuggets that they charge for but here they were sharing it with us. I sat in one workshop on pitching and the presenter Roni the Travel Guru was working to finish her presentation so she could help a few of us with pitches. She literally wrote pitches for some of us and can I say they were all great and I can't wait to use mine.

I met another presenter, Sharon Hadden and we ended up having dinner together and she checked out my IG, my Blog and gave me pointers right there and answered all of my questions. Something she did not have to do and she did it with a smile and seemed happy to help.

I also met several bloggers who I exchanged information with and they said keep in touch and I honestly believed them. I had some that said if you need anything let me know and I knew they were sincere. I even had one blogger who came up to me because she heard me mention what my blog was about and she said we blogged about similar things and we should connect and she will feature me on her blog…SAY WHAT!! In addition all of the knowledge she shared with me was priceless.
Literally, every presenter, key note speaker etc. were all amazing and sometimes I felt like man are they sharing to much I mean they are giving away all of the secrets but I realized it’s not secrets. They understand there is enough for everyone and they just want to help you get it!

What I also found so amazing is the people running the conference the amazing Justice Stacey Ferguson and her team were all super cool and down to earth. You would think some people who put together a Kick A$# conference now for eight years could possibly have an air about them but they were super cool. It didn’t matter if you had been blogging 10 years, 1 year, or never everyone was treated the same. Did I say it was Ah-Mazing.

I could go on and on but then I should probably write a book LOL!

My main takeaway is that I have a lot of work to do to make my blog a business but it is doable and now I have a circle of friends to help cheer me on.

Thank you Team Blogalicious for this amazing conference and I will definitely see you next year!
Almost 40 and ready to blow this business up

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