Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Got Friends????

I mean real true friends!!

Before you answer yes…see if you can say yes to all of these things below or at least a few:

·       Non-judgmental friends

·       Friends who can hear you say about three words and know something isn’t right

·       Friends who allow you to do the ugly cry and just rub your back (although later they will probably have jokes)

·       Friends who introduce you to their friends and you all automatically get along because your friend just knows how to pick super cool people just like you

·       Friends who will not let you leave the house looking crazy EVER

·       Friends who monitor your drinking because they know you are a light weight

·       Friends that you don't have to talk to every day, every week, heck every month but when you do talk it's the same as it always is

·       Friends you may only see once a year but you make that once a year count

There are so many more but you get the point.

So, do you have these types of friends??? Well if not I advise you to get some ASAP but you can’t have mine…just saying.
Getting older is about growth and I’m growing or at least trying to every day. I remember when I was younger I use to feel like… it’s cool if I have friends but if not that’s okay I have the parent’s. And don’t get me wrong I LOVE those two people to life but having a circle of real friends is pretty freaking awesome.

The last few years heck even within the last few days I realized just how important it is to have true friends. Life and people will treat you any ol kind of way some days but just knowing you have a friend or two or three or four, or five  that you can send a quick text to or call and feel better instantly is something you should definitely hold on to.

You and your friend (s) are not going to always see eye to eye, nor are you going to always want to be around each other but when you are it should always be a good time. #NODRAMA! And if it isn’t…find new friends ASAP!

As 40 is quickly approaching (aaahhhhhhh slight freak out moment) I am starting to learn to appreciate things/people in the past I took for granted and having an amazing circle of friends is something I cherish more and more each day.

As I continue on this journey I hope I will continue to be the kind of friend people want to keep in their circle.

So, with that being said shout out to all my real friends…you know who you are and thank you for always being a friend no matter how dramatic I can be LOL!!

Almost 40 and feeling sentimental

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