Monday, January 4, 2016

Peace to 2015…My Destiny is waiting!!

I AM NOT making any resolutions for the New Year because I have never ever in life kept one. And let’s be real I know I need to lose weight and eat healthier (these are the common ones) but that is something I should just do a New Year is not going to make me more or less focused. How do I know because it never has. But I’m working on it.

I really thought hard about what I want my 2016 to look like not so much what I am going to do but who will I be. And then it hit me…10 years ago this week I moved here and it was kind of on a whim. I felt like I just wasn’t doing anything in Chattanooga so I needed to go.  I also wanted to work in my major (Mass Communications with an emphasis in Journalism) and it wasn’t happening in Chattanooga.

I applied to places in Atlanta and Nashville and got nothing. Finally I called a newspaper in Gallatin, TN that I had an internship with when I was in undergrad. They were looking for a Crime beat reporter and asked could I come up for an interview and a writing test. I was offered the job and in about a month’s time (if I am remembering correctly…I am almost 40 LOL) I had to find a place to live, fill up an apartment and get started.

Thank God for my family because I was living with my parents so all I had was clothes and shoes they got everything for me and I was off.

My first few years here I felt like I was killing it…I got an MBA, bought a new car, and a house and then it stopped. I feel like ever since I closed on my house I have not  did anything spectacular…nothing to write home about.

I feel like I have spent these last few years trying to see what’s next. I have just been focused on finding a job I LOVE, making enough money to really live, wishing, praying for a date, a boyfriend, a fiancé , a husband, and a baby. It’s like I have missed out on life trying to see what’s next.

So, for 2016 I want to try to just live and enjoy life! Not worry about tomorrow because as we all know nobody knows what tomorrow holds but the man upstairs. I want to just live in the moment…enjoy every moment as if it’s my last. I am just going to follow Jesus and live my journey as it was written.

One of my new favorite songs is by Tina Campbell called Destiny…I am going to put a little snippet below but the video is attached. Please take a few minutes to listen it will bless you.

I've got a vision and a purpose
A divine destiny
It may not look like it right now
But faith ain't what I see
It is the things I hope for
believing that it will come
And no matter how long it takes
I know God's will shall be done

I know there is a vision and purpose for my life and I think I have been trying to force it but I am just going to Let Go, and Let God and it will happen in HIS time!

I’m not saying I am not going to have moments and wonder why it hasn’t happened yet but I am going to work really hard to not focus on it and just enjoy life with my family and friends. Because really what will be, will be. I have been stressing and worrying the last few years and we see what that has got me…LOTS of headaches!

Happy New Year all…I hope your 2016 is everything you hope it will be!


Almost 40

Peace to 2015!!! #firstselfieof2016
Destiny by Tina Campbell

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