Friday, January 15, 2016


This isn’t happening…I can’t believe it…It is official I have a planner ughhhhhhh!!!

I am/was so against these things I even talked about people who had one and/or gave them a mean side-eye.

Let me explain…well I’m not sure I can I just know I think it’s so annoying when I’m like hey do you want to grab dinner and someone is like let me see if I’m free. In my head it is a simple yes or no. I feel like that’s so bougie or you are pretending to be important and ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, yes I would give major side-eye or be like OMG are you really that important or do you really have that much to do…girl bye!  

Last year I forgot a lot of stuff and/or double booked and it was  bad so I had to come to terms with the fact that I need a better plan than my memory. Guess almost 40 means memory skills suck!

Some people have commented to me just use your cell phone…yeah that doesn’t work for me because I usually miss the alarm or ignore it and I still forget. So, I bit the bullet and bought a planner…picture attached. And it is already filling up.

I would like to apologize to all the people I talked about and/or side-eyed I didn’t mean it…well I meant it but I didn’t understand. So, for that I am truly sorry. I thought you were pretending to be important. I now know you were just keeping your life in order. Clearly I like to live La Vida Loca LOL!!

Seems the older I get the busier I get which I’m not complaining because busy keeps my mind off of my 1st World Problems.

This planner is going to make me a better friend, better employee, better committee member, and just a better person overall. I am glad I am growing even if it is something as simple as a planner all growth is good right?  

But FYI if you ask me to do something and I say let me check my planner feel free to talk about me and/or side-eye me…I deserve it.

I am trying really hard just to be a better me in general so if this stupid planner…yes I still think it’s stupid and I hate pulling my planner out in public but if it helps me to get my life in order then I’ll keep using itL.


Almost 40
Here it is...the keeper of my life ugh!!

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