Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Christmas came and went so fast but I must say it was super duper awesome. As much as getting older bothers me…mainly because I’m not married, no prospects, and no kids that’s kind of a bummer BUT I also value getting older because you grow (or you should) and your wants/needs change for the better I think.

Christmas was fun for me because I was just simply around my family. My dad and I have a competition every year where we see who can pick the best movies and then you get bragging rights for a year. We watched 5 movies over Christmas and I just enjoyed being with my dad.

My mom asked me about 3 times what kind of cake did I want I kept saying I didn’t want one (I don’t need one) she still made me one (yes, my mom is better than yours lol) and I ate A LOT of it. She made us Hobo meals Christmas Eve if you don’t know what they are look them up it will change your life…very easy but delicious. I decided at 7:30pm that I wanted Danish with my mom’s new breakfast dish she was making. My dad quickly said I’ll ride with you…we missed Wal-Mart but found something at Walgreens.

 I got my Christmas pajama’s that I get every year…I am pretty sure I have since I was born.  We sat around all day Christmas in pajamas and ate. It was perfect.

I remember as a kid going through all the books picking out all the toys I wanted and I couldn’t sleep until I was sure I had everything on my list and there wasn’t a year that went by that I didn’t. Awesome parents!

Now, I just enjoy being with my parents, eating a lot, and watching movies. I even got my Dad to watch a Hallmark movie and he enjoyed it.

In addition, I put up a Christmas tree for the first time and I loved it. I decided last year I wanted to put up a tree so my mom the best shopper I know got me everything I would need for the low after Christmas. I even sent out Christmas cards which I never do…if you didn’t get one no worries I got you next year! See pics below.

I LOVE Christmas decorations but before this year I never put them up…I think a part of me kept waiting on this husband and kids but I am trying now to just live and it will all happen in due time. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish it would hurry up.

I can’t wait until next Christmas and I plan to have more decorations and more family time.  I think I’m starting to understand life is what you make it so just enjoy it. I am still a work in progress but I’m slowly getting there. I have 499 days to figure it out LOL!


Almost 40

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