Friday, September 18, 2015

The Next 7 Days!

I was scrolling through the channels and got to OWN and saw Iyanla Vanzant and there was an audience of men and women and they were discussing relationships and why men & women do what they do. I am pretty sure it was a re-run but I stayed on the channel and she gave the  women in the audience a goal.

It was an Aha moment for me…I have heard that I don’t look approachable, I don’t smile, flirt etc. well heck not sure I know how and to me just randomly smiling makes me look crazy and what if he is like Ughh. I can’t handle that.

Iyanla told all the ladies for the next 7 days to smile,  and speak to every man they see…basically saying it will not kill you.

As I heard that I was like hmmm can I do that…and self was like well you are on this journey to 40 try it and see what happens.
So, I’m going to try it and I know to everybody reading this you probably think I am crazy and/or think that is easy but I have told y’all I am shy and rejection OMG I can’t.

But I’m going to try and smile, speak and maybe even start a conversation…yeah probably not the conversation part but hopefully my smiling will get one started.

So, I need all my Real Saints to pray for me…if you are around two other people I need all 3 of y’all to touch and agree that I got this.

I’ll keep you posted and if I don’t know that I have not turned my frown upside down LOL!


Almost 40

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