Monday, September 14, 2015

Jesus Is Real!!

The last week or so I have just felt overwhelmed and really tired in my personal & professional life.

Been in one of those I would prefer not to be around people moods and I felt like God hasn’t answered my prayers like I wanted him to. I know I should get over myself but this is my truth.

I was/am just feeling like what is going on and I didn’t necessarily want to blog about it or talk to my friends because honestly I don’t really know what it is I feel. I just know I don’t feel right.

I wake up every day and go on with my life but deep down I just want to be in my bed under the covers.

It’s like I need/want the life that I had planned RIGHT NOW in MY time not HIS time.

Well, I think we all know that isn’t going to happen LOL!

Before I went to sleep Saturday night I got my clothes ready for church because I knew I needed some Jesus and I got up when my alarm went off but I kept laying there.

Granted I am always late for church but it was 8:45am and I was still in the bed (church starts at 9:30am) and I debated about going but I got up and got dressed and man am I happy I did.

By the time I got seated the choir started singing this song:

Jesus is real,
I know the Lord is real to me.
Jesus is real,
I know the Lord is real to me.
(Sometimes when I'm feeling low,)
(no where to go,)
(Jesus comes along)
(and He makes me strong.)
For I know, oh,
Jesus is real.

And after the first verse I had this calm feeling come over me…got a little teary-eyed but I felt like God was talking to me. Reassuring me that He is Real and I just need to continue to pray and wait for it. It all works in HIS time not mine.

 I have said it before and will say it again…this journey to 40 is all about growth for me and I don’t think it’s going to be easy but I plan to come out of it stronger. So, stick with me we have 606 days to go.


Almost 40

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