Thursday, December 15, 2016


Here’s the deal…life is going to continue to happen and man mine is turnt all the way up but it is the most wonderful time of the year so I decided to press pause on real life for a while and have a little fun.

Christmas movies make me extremely happy…whomever decided to start making them I love them. I am a hopeless romantic and maybe possibly super cheesy but honestly I love them all.

 All I need is a good happily ever after and  if they include a baby in the ending it for sure goes down as best Christmas movie ever. Oh and add a family coming together it just warms my heart.

I also don’t discriminate I don’t care what color the characters are they all make me happy and warm and fuzzy inside.

I decided to share some of my favs…please believe this is not all of them but these really make me happy and most I have probably watched a LOT of times. Also, in no particular order just how they popped in my head.

This Christmas- I can’t even begin to count how many times I have watched this movie and I love it even more. Best part when Quentin  comes back home after they thought he was gone again and he let Joe cut the turkey…aww warms my heart.

The Preacher’s Wife-the soundtrack along is worth it and I mean it has Ol Whitney what else do you need.

A Diva’s Christmas Carol-with Vanessa Williams…I haven’t saw it this year and I have to fix that. The hair, the dance moves Love it!

Best Man Holiday-although I cried my eyes out. The way they had that house decorated and we still got a happy ending plus it was a good sequel and those are rare so it has to make the list.

The Christmas Story-EVERYONE should have to watch this movie at least once a year. Everything about Ralphie and his family is awesome.

Almost Christmas -with Monique, Danny Glover, and super fine Omar Epps…it’s new but I am ready to see it again.

Trading Places -with Eddie Murphy…a classic period.

Soul Food-is it old enough to be a classic? Well, it is for me!

Pretty much all of the movies on the Hallmark Channel LOL…no really I think I can watch all of them over and over. Some people not saying any names say they are all the same but they are not. Ok, they kind of are but I love them all. A few to mention A Royal Christmas, A Bride for Christmas, A Cookie Cutter Christmas I could keep going. Just watch one or two.

 Honorable Mentions:
The Perfect Holiday
-with Gabrielle Union…It’s not in heavy rotation but it’s cute.

The Last Holiday-with Queen Latifah…actually kind of boring but it is a Christmas movie so you have to watch it LOL!

Lastly, Wednesday was rough so I went to find a Christmas movie to watch on Netflix because they make me happy. It began with an ambulance, a shooting, and a lot of blood. Who in the hades decided this was a Christmas movie. Can’t tell you how it ended because I cut it off…who does that ugh. Yep, I am still a bit salty. It’s called “So this is Christmas” don’t waste your time.

I could keep going but you get it…share with me some of your favs…you have to have some J!


Almost 40 & Addicted to Christmas Movies

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