Thursday, December 22, 2016

Feeling Inspired…

Black Girl Magic!!!
Oprah and the FLOTUS interview this week gave me so much life. I had all the feels. It was something about seeing those two powerful black women just chatting and hanging out that was so inspiring. Just watching them made me want to be better. The interview was nothing short of amazing but one of the things I realized is they are just like me they started a path like mine and they worked their butts off to be where they are now. And they both are truly walking in their purpose.

As you know I turn 40 next year…shocker LOL and I feel like by then, heck by now I should be out here being great and making big moves doing what I love but I’m not.  I’m not sure what it was but seeing them on primetime TV made me see a new world. Yes, we have dude as our president (I’m working on the go low we go high thing) but there is still so much to be excited and hopeful about…I don’t know it just made me want to really be awesome.

When I started this blog, it was because I wanted to find my happy and help other women like me or similar to me to find theirs. And especially for young girls…I wanted them to not be me and for lack of a better word waste their 20’s especially and possibly their 30’s waiting on their prince charming and their little prince and princess as I did but to just live life in the present. Because the future is going to come whether you want it to or not and you can’t change it. It is all in God’s hands!

But somewhere along the way I got lost, I became frustrated. I didn’t get a lot of likes, shares, comments and I lost the meaning of why I started it! Being the voice for the women who get that look at a certain age when they aren’t married or have kids and letting them know there is more we just have to create it.

This interview made me want to do better, be better, work harder and make my dreams come true. So, for the FLOTUS it was a farewell but for me it was a hello!

 “Live out loud, and understand that what’s in your brain is really useful. Do not hide it. Don’t dumb it down. Don’t apologize for it. Just put it on the table and let people deal with it”. This line right here from the FLOTUS gave me hope. Just do me! Don’t worry about the likes etc. Just do it!

Now in total transparency as I always try to be I’m not going to pretend like I will not get frustrated again and again but my goal is to stick it out because I believe I have something here that is worth sharing and can help someone. Maybe one day someone will interview me and I will be telling my story of hope, purpose and growth and a young black girl/woman will see me and feel inspired to keep going and not to give up because at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. Building up the next generation to be better. I can do this hard work and all with a bit of frustration mixed in at times J!

Almost 40 and focused for real!!

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