Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Need to Create A Life That I Never Want To Leave!

This journey to 40 is something else and it seems like daily I learn more and more about what I want. I am also coming to the realization that I may not be there by 40 but at least I am working on it.
A couple of weekends ago I went to visit my parents as I usually do every other month or so because I like them a lot and their house is the best. There is no reason to be an adult, they always have food, they have a TV double my size that they allow me to watch (they watch the smaller one) to catch up on all my shows (yeah, I turned my cable off…being an adult sucks). Nobody ask me questions, I don’t have to do any work just be super  duper lazy. And it’s always a good time but by the end of the weekend I’m ready to get back to my house and reality.
But this time was different I literally didn’t want to leave. Every time I thought about leaving and getting back to my routine I kept sitting there like nope not leaving. The thought of coming back to my life just didn’t sound fun at all.
I can’t figure out exactly why. I am not sure if it was work that I didn’t want to come back to, my extra activities, my empty house, or what.
But what I did figure out is that I have got to make sure I make a life that I want to get back to.
Visiting my parents is great…I am thankful every single day of my life that I get to. But I need a life that I enjoy, that I LOVE. That I can’t wait to get back to. One that yes I may want to take a break from every other month or so but not one that I’m hanging out at my parent’s house until about 9pm on a Monday night still not ready to leave. And them looking at me like “is she leaving” LOL!
I don’t know if I will ever figure this thing called life out at all but I sure want to figure mine out. I just want a Life that I LOVE 99.9% of the time! Will everyday be great? Absolutely not and I’m okay with that. But I want to make more great days than bad ones.
So, now how do I do that??? No clue but that’s what this journey is about right?
** Disclaimer** I’m straight…I don’t need to lie on anyone’s couch. This is just me trying to figure it all out and make sure that as I enter my 40’s I’m going into it differently than I did my 30’s!

Until next time!            
Closer to 40J!

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