Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What Is My Definition Of Success?

I'm on my way...I think/I hope!!

I was asked to answer this question a few weeks ago and I have really been thinking about it and I think I finally have it. But if you have followed my blog for a while you know there is a story coming…I can’t just simply give a 1-2 sentence response LOL!
In my 20’s I think well I know success to me was balling, making it rain at the mall (I do not think those words were out in my 20’s but no clue what the cool lingo was back then J) but you get my point. All I thought about or cared about was making money…I had a few, maybe several jobs in my 20’s because I wanted to make a lot of money I didn’t care about the job itself I just wanted  to shop when I wanted to, eat out whenever, etc.
Then the early 30’s hit and success to me was being a wife and mother. It consumed my life and made me feel like my life sucked because I wasn’t that. To me that is where I was supposed to be. I lived La Vida Loca in my 20’s and now it was time to settle I mean doesn’t everyone do that in their 30’s. And since I wasn’t there or even close I felt like a loser for lack of a better word.
So, here we are now in my late 30’s and I think I know what I want success to look like for me. Success to me is being a great daughter, an awesome aunt, a cool sister, and a fantastic friend. 
Years ago I was watching this episode of Oprah and this lady said she wrote her own obituary and she wasn’t really pleased with it so she worked on being a different person.
Right now at this point if I wrote my obituary I’m not sure what it would say and I’m not sure it would all be great. When I leave this earth I don’t want my friends and family to struggle to find good things to say about me or to leave a lot out.
You know you have been to those funerals where people struggle to find the right words because that person sucked!  I want my friends and family to be able to say she made this world a better place while she was here and I am glad she was in my life.
Understand I would be lying if I said I still didn’t want to make it rain in Louis Vuitton one day but I would also like to make it rain at a homeless shelter.  
I also still want to be a mother and wife but my goal is not to let that define my success but to make that an addition to my success. I may not ever be a wife but I have plans to become a mother maybe not naturally but adoption is there and when that happens I will be the best mother I can be…thankfully I have an awesome role model. Shout out to my momma.
At the end of the day I think we all can define success however we want I think you just have to figure out what works for you and what is going to make you happy. And I am not mad if success to you is making it rain in LA down Rodeo Drive but just take me with you LOL!
How do you define success?
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